Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mark Your Calendar! A-JAM Auditions - Week Before Thanksgiving, Nov 16-19

Audition to become part of the 2016 A-JAM program! Make your appointment today. Auditions are the week before Thanksgiving. That's Nov 16-19, 2015. Call Katchie Cartwright at 210-486-4828 for more information or to schedule your audition. Check our Facebook page for breaking news...

Auditions are open to all fulltime students at any of the five Alamo Colleges and Trinity University.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of a college-level course in improvisation. You can be taking one this term, provided you pass the course. :-) If you're not currently enrolled, try to enroll in MUAP 1185: Private Improvisation for Flex II. There are multiple instructors for this course on multiple campuses within the Alamo Colleges system. Contact your music department chair or discipline coordinator for more information.

This year's IASJ international jazz meeting will be hosted by the exciting and relatively new Berklee Global Jazz Institute. One lucky student will get to participate in this life-changing intercultural experience. It could be you this year!


Auditions for the A-JAM program are held annually--the week before Thanksgiving--by appointment only. To join A-JAM in the spring term, you must have successfully completed a basic course in improvisation, which is offered in the fall semester. Contact Katchie for further information on A-JAM audition requirements and dates.

Prepare: 2 contrasting jazz pieces of your choice

Bring: 3 copies of your written music (lead sheets, C-concert)

Scales/arpeggios: Major and minor, all keys

Sightreading: chordal (lead sheet), rhythmic, and melodic


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