Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mentorship Program Audition Materials - Download the IASJ Top 10

Click here to download the entire packet of audition materials as a single PDFContents are below.  You can print out selected pages or the full packet. You pick 3 of these for your audition. Online application is here.


1.       Blues
a.       Now’s the Time   F
b.      Centerpiece  C
2.       Rhythm changes
a.       I Got Rhythm  G
b.      I’ve Got Rhythm (truncated)  Bb
c.       Errand Girl for Rhythm  F
d.      Oleo  Bb
3.       All the Things You Are  Eb, Ab
4.       Stella by Starlight F, Bb
5.       There Will Never Be Another You Bb, Eb
6.       Body and Soul Ab, Db
7.       Autumn Leaves   Cm, Em
a.       French lyrics, translation
8.       Have You Met Miss Jones  C, F
9.       Footprints Cm
10.   Softly as in a Morning Sunrise  Am, Gm, Cm


1.       Green Dolphin Street G, C
2.       All Blues G, Eb
3.       There is no Greater Love  G, Bb
4.       Solar  Eb
5.       [All of Me G, C]

Thursday, October 6, 2011

IASJ Top 10 - YouTube

The IASJ Top 10 are your "school figures," as they say in ice skating; your required jazz standards. When you apply for the program, you will select from among these to perform at your audition. See the online application for details.

Below are links to a few good performances of the IASJ Top 10 tunes on YouTube. There are tons more! Enjoy and learn...
  1. 12-bar blues (various tunes and keys, minor and major)
    1. Centerpiece
      1. Coleman Hawkins et al, quintessential phrasing!
      2. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross 
      3. Instructional, with Lenora Zenzalai Helm
      4. Master Class, with Roseanna Vitro
      5. Roberta Gambarini 
    2. Now's the Time
      1. Charlie Parker and Miles Davis, 1945
      2. Miles Davis solo, with notation
      3. Parker at the Roost, 1948-9
      4. Vi Redd, vocal
  2. I Got Rhythm changes (various tunes and keys, including original)
    1. Oleo - Miles Davis Quintet, featuring Sonny Rollins
    2. Errand Boy for Rhythm - Nat Cole
    3. Errand Girl for Rhythm - Diana Krall
    4. I Got Rhythm - Gershwin plays
    5. I Got Rhythm - Hiromi
    6. I Got Rhythm - Judy Garland
  3. All the Things You Are
    1. Ella Fitzgerald - Nelson Riddle arrangement
    2. Django Reinhardt
    3. Baden Powell
    4. Charlie Parker
  4. Stella by Starlight
    1. Sarah Vaughan
    2. Miles Davis
    3. Bill Evans
    4. Stan Getz
  5. There Will Never Be Another You
    1. Chet Baker
    2. Oscar Peterson
    3. Bud Powell
    4. Nat Cole
  6. Body and Soul
    1. Coleman Hawkins
    2. Billie Holiday
    3. Ella Fitzgerald
    4. Anita O'Day
  7. Autumn Leaves
    1. Nat Cole - in French with lyrics on screen
    2. Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis
    3. Joe Pass with Sarah Vaughan
    4. Bill Evans
  8. Have You Met Miss Jones?
    1. Anita O'Day [start listening ca. 2:00]
    2. Ella Fitzgerald
    3. Hank Jones (master class)
    4. Art Tatum )
  9. Footprints
    1. Wayne Shorter
    2. Gabriel Alegria (Afro-Peruvian version)
    3. Young Israeli students (pop-ish version)
    4. Rajdulari Jazz Project (with Dee Dee Bridgewater's lyrics)
  10. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
    1. Dianne Reeves - with improvised "welcome" intro
    2. Nelson Eddy
    3. Sonny Rollins
    4. John Coltrane
Titles from the earlier list (2000, Paris).
  1. All Blues
    1. Miles Davis
    2. Ernestine Anderson
  2. There Is No Greater Love
    1.  Billie Holiday 
    2.  Sonny Rollins
  3. Solar
    1.  Miles Davis
  4. [All of Me]

Allstars Video in the Works!

Northwest Vista College's Digital Video & Cinema Production Program is creating a video about the Alamo Colleges Jazz Allstars Mentorship Program. The project will include interviews, performances, audio, and--of course--video footage. We're excited.

A crew will be on hand to film Orquesta Vista's upcoming Latino Heritage Month concert.. That's Northwest Vista College's student jazz ensemble, Thursday, October 13, 2011, 1 PM. Come on over to the Cypress Campus Center patio to enjoy a lunchtime lakeside concert, if you're in the neighborhood.  Hope to see you there.

Many thanks to Patrick and Jonathan, student production team leaders, and to Ron Wojnar, Digital Video & cinema Production Program Coordinator.

Live Masterclass from the Village Vanguard - RSVP via Facebook ASAP

From my New York friend and colleague Lara Pellegrinelli, a rare opportunity to participate in a live chat and master class at the Village Vanguard on Wednesday, October 12 at 6 PM CST. RSVP via Facebook here and now. Read on...
Dear Jazz Students,
My name is Lara Pellegrinelli. You can call me Dr. LP. I work with National Public Radio on its Live from the Village Vanguard webcasts, produced in collaboration with member station WBGO.
I wanted to invite you to be part of our virtual Vanguard audience WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12 at 9PM for FABIAN ALMAZAN. Fabian is the young Cuban-American pianist in trumpeter Terence Blanchard's band and he'll be performing with his trio plus string quartet to celebrate the release of his  debut recording Personalities. 

Like Terence, who has scored most of Spike Lee's films, Fabian is also a budding film composer. So we decided we wanted to do something special. At 7PM before the performance, Fabian will doing a LIVE MINI-MASTERCLASS. We will be focusing our discussion on arranging, taking questions from our online audience in the NPR Music chat room and answering them on camera. Fabian has provided us with a few of his scores so we have the potential to get into some real musical depth. 

We are asking anyone who would like to participate in the masterclass to RSVP on a Facebook event page we have created:

You can find the event page that will host the masterclass and performance at NPR Music here. It will go live shortly before 7pm:

A link to Fabian's scores (available for download) can be found in this post on A Blog Supreme:

And if you would like to view the film First Match, for which Fabian has provided a score, you can find that on his website by going under the tab for film scoring and clicking video. It's also the best source of information on Fabian:
Feel free to introduce yourself. We'd be really happy to have you. NPR Music has all kinds of amazing jazz materials available for free on its site and it's our hope that you will want to take full advantage of them. If you want to keep up to date on our offerings, we also have a new Facebook page for the liking:
See you online!
Lara Pellegrinelli (AKA Dr. LP)
Harvard University, Ph.D. 2005
Visiting Lecturer, Princeton University, Spring 2011
Freelance contributor, NPR Arts Desk
Consultant, NPR's Live at the Village Vanguard

One of the world's preeminent jazz venues, the Village Vanguard has regularly presented jazz's greatest musicians since 1957. Renowned for its rich history and great acoustics, over 100 commercial albums have been recorded within the triangle-shaped basement room in New York's Greenwich Village. Live At The Village Vanguard is a collaboration between WBGO and NPR Music presenting live broadcasts from the legendary club, both on air and streaming online. WBGO's Josh Jackson hosts all the concerts; you can join the discussion in a chat room and watch a live video feed. After each show is over, NPR Music will host the archived recordings of all the concerts at this page.