Thursday, October 10, 2013

Auditions! Could be YOU this year...

One night only! Tuesday, November 19, 5-7 PM
at Northwest Vista College
Wiseman Boulevard at Highway 151
Rehearsal Hall 152

Who can audition? Auditions are open to any serious full-time student enrolled in any of the Alamo Colleges and Trinity University.

What instruments do we want? We will select a rhythm section of piano, bass, and drums, along with an open "front line" (any combination of voices, reeds, brass, percussion, strings, vibes, guitar, etc.). Horn players, electric bassists, and guitarists should bring their own instruments. Vista will provide piano, double bass, vibes, xylophone, drum kit, Afro-Latin percussion, and PA system for singers, as required.

What to prepare for the audition? Prepare a couple of contrasting standard jazz tunes. Please bring at least three copies of accurate treble clef concert key lead sheets for each tune you want to perform. Prepare to play melody, accompaniment (rhythm section players), and to improvise on each tune. You'll also be asked to read a couple of additional standard treble clef concert key lead-sheets.

What to expect if selected? We will select a combo of 4-8 players, which will meet at Vista during the spring semester, on Tuesdays from 5-6 PM. You'll register for this as a 1-credit course in improvisation. In addition, you'll play live performances and a radio broadcast, and participate in master classes by local and visiting artists, as available. Some time during the semester, the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz) will invite one lucky member of the combo to take part in the international jazz meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in July. It could be YOU this year! 

Judging criteria? We are looking at 4 primary aspects of your playing:  sound, including intonation and technical proficiency; improvisation, including soloing, melodic variation, and accompaniment (as applicable); rhythm, including steadiness and swing; and reading ability, including interpreting treble clef concert key lead sheet notation 

Questions? Contact Katchie Cartwright, Program Director:, 210-486-4828.