Sunday, September 14, 2014

Memories of Cape Town - IASJ International Jazz Meeting 2014

WATCH THIS YOU-TUBEGerry Hemingway, hugely talented drummer and inquiring musical mind, created a short video with highlights of some of the South African music we heard and learned about in Cape Town, as part of the 2014 IASJ international jazz meeting. Amazing stuff! Could be you next year, in Lisbon... :-)

And here's a snap shot of the IASJ singer women from the meeting. Surrounded by our talented students, the three teachers-performers are in the top row, middle: Jenny Robson (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki) top, second from left, Katchie Cartwright (Northwest Vista College A-JAM, San Antonio) center, and Joana Bettencourt (Hot Club of Portugal, Lisbon), second from right.