• EVENTS - Required events include rehearsals, jam sessions, performances, master classes, and radio broadcast(s). If you are unwilling or unable to participate, you may be dropped from the program.
  • PARTICIPATION IN THE INTERNATIONAL JAZZ MEETING - Names and instruments of all A-JAM combo members are forwarded to the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) in the spring. Because of the IASJ's mission to remain intimate yet global, it is only able to invite one student from each participating school. The decisive factor is that no more than six combos can be accommodated at the international meeting. Each combo is comprised of students from different corners of the world; drums, bass, piano, and a flexible front line.  The IASJ host school customarily announces it decisions midway through the spring semester.
  • REHEARSALS - In the spring semester, all members of the program are required register for and successfully complete a the two following classes: MUAP 1185: Improvisation. In addition, you must take MUEN 1122: Jazz Ensemble. Current Alamo College students may register for the courses at any campus. Consortium members (e.g., Trinity students) may enroll in the classes through continuing education and/or take equivalent courses at their home campus.  In addition, A-JAM members are welcome to rehearse in a practice room at Vista during normal school hours, provided the room is checked out by a Vista student. For more information, contact Katchie Cartwright or Dan Smith, 210-486-4818.
  • JAM SESSIONS - Between December and May, you are expected to participate in no less than ten of the Monday jam sessions hosted by Small World at the Olmos Pharmacy or other approved venue. For each session, bring at least two different tunes from the IASJ Top 10. Alternate jam sessions at various times and places are also acceptable, but this is San Antonio's oldest and most venerated jazz jam.
  • BLOG - The A-JAM blog contains lots of valuable information. Follow by email and read all updates.
  • FACEBOOK PAGE - The A-JAM Facebook page contains notices, lessons, and all kinds of valuable information. "Like" it, if you haven't already. This page is open to all interested people.
  • COMMUNICATION - In addition to the blog and Facebook page, check your email (ACES and/or personal) regularly. If the program director contacts you, please respond within 24 hours.
  • EQUIPMENT - In general, you will be required to bring your own instruments and equipment to master classes, performances, and other events. We do, however, have a small PA system for A-JAM use (including outside gigs), which is housed at Northwest Vista College, along with our regular school drum kit, amps, and/or acoustic bass.  Always let me know if you require equipment!
  • REPERTOIRE - You will be working on the IASJ Top 10 for workshops and master classes. For the blues and rhythm changes selections, you may find alternate pieces, but be sure to make copies and transpose everything to keys that are comfortable for the singer. On the other hand, singers should (and will) learn how to work with standard keys. Of course, the "Top 10" is just a beginning; students should know many more jazz standards.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  - Each member of the program is asked to acknowledge that she or he has read and understood the information and requirements. Please do this by "signing" your name in the comment field below.  Wishing you all a magical and musical experience. It's going to be a year to remember!
For more information, see "Obligations of A-JAM Honors Students" on this blog.