Sunday, August 21, 2011


Here, listed in order of preference, are the current top 10 tunes to know for jam sessions among participating members of the IASJ (The Hague, 2010), with keys for women singers indicated (these would be in addition to standard instrumental keys).  Any student who wishes to become an Alamo Colleges Jazz Allstar should begin working on these now!
Links are to downloadable PDFs of sheet-music (and some videos). Titles in bold are in both the 2000 and the 2010 version.
  1. 12-bar blues (various tunes and keys, minor and major)   
  2. "I Got Rhythm" changes (various tunes and keys, including original); singer key for original = C (inst = mainly Bb)
  3. All the Things You Are; singer key = Eb (inst = Ab)
  4. Stella by Starlight; singer key = G (inst = Bb)
  5. There Will Never Be Another You; singer key = Bb (inst = Eb)
  6. Body and Soul; singer key = Ab (inst = Db)
  7. Autumn Leaves; singer key = Cm or Dm
  8. Have You Met Miss Jones; singer key = C (inst = F)
  9. Footprints; key = Cm (this is an instrumental tune; singers should scat the melody or harmony)
  10. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise; singer key = Gm
Below is the earlier list (2000, Paris). Titles in bold are in both versions of the list. Links are to downloadable PDFs of sheet-music.
  1. Body and Soul - Ab  
  2. Stella by Starlight - F  
  3. All the Things You Are - Eb  
  4. Rhythm changes: I Got Rhythm - C, 32-bar version  
  5. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise - Gm  
  6. Autumn Leaves - Cm  
  7. Green Dolphin Street - G   
  8. Blues: All Blues - Eb
    Blues: All Blues
    , lyric sheet 
  9. There Is No Greater Love - G  
  10. Solar - Cm
    [All of Me - G]

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